CHILD CUSTODY, CHILD SUPPORT LAWYER TRAY STEPHANY.  303.981.0594                                   
Serving the Denver-Arapahoe area through the Englewood office and southern Colorado through the Alamosa office. 

Individualized Colorado Divorce and Child Custody services.  Located in the Englewood Law Building on the Denver/Arapahoe border in Englewood, Colorado.  

Colorado Divorce Attorney Tray Stephany aggressively works your Colorado Divorce or Child Custody case.  Family Law issues such as DivorceRestraining Orders, Child Support, Spousal Support, Juvenile Delinquency, and Child Custody are complicated. Call today. 

Second office location opened in Alamosa, Colorado:

For cursory information on selected Colorado Child Custody Law, Colorado Divorce Law, and related Colorado Revised Statutes click (note: statute page will open in a new window so you don't lose your place on this page).

Colorado Divorce and Child Custody Attorney Tray Stephany encourages client communication because your goals are Tray's goals. 

Colorado Family Law Courts often use a combination of the procedures below.

Initial Discovery, Mediation, Initial and Subsequent Status Conferences, Temporary Orders, Pre-Trial Conferences, Negotiation Conference, Witness Endorsement, Mandatory Disclosures, Formal Discovery, Trial Management Certificate, Colorado Practice Standards, and Permanent Orders Hearing (aka Family Law Trial).

Facing a Colorado child support issue or a Colorado Divorce?  Do you need a will or power of attorney?  Are you facing a civil protection order or need to get one ? New Colorado Law: a Colorado Civil Protection Order may take your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms in the State of Colorado.  Don't let it happen to you.   

The Law Office of Tray Stephany is there for you.  Family law issues are difficult and when dealing with children, money, property, debt, or a home it is normal to feel pressure.  Tray Stephany diligently protects you and your child's best interests.  

Maybe you are dealing with Colorado Maintenance (alimony).  Maybe your X is wrongfully accusing you of child abuse.  Consider your X is seeking a Colorado Civil Protection Order even though you didn't do anything.  Is your child facing juvenile adjudication?  Perhaps your X and their Colorado Divorce Lawyer is trying to relocate with your children.  Is your X accusing you of domestic violence? Your case deserves a solid Arapahoe / Denver Domestic Relations Lawyer. Call to set up a consultation. 303.981.0594.   

Fighting so you do not get tossed under the bus.  Aggressive and Dedicated Representation.

Tray treats every Client as though they are the only Client and encourages Client communication.

Arapahoe / Denver Divorce Attorney Tray returns calls and emails within 24 hours.

Solid legal representation for you in your Colorado Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Colorado Divorce, Colorado Civil Protection Order or Social Services case.  Down for you when the chips are up or down.  

Do not represent yourself.  Without professional legal representation good people often find themselves at a severe disadvantage when the other side has already employed a Colorado Divorce Attorney. 

Remember, never ever sign anything or talk to the other Denver Family Law attorney without speaking to your own lawyer first.

When calling you will speak to Colorado Divorce Attorney Tray Stephany not a secretary screening calls because Tray is not out playing golf.  If you leave a message Tray will call you back himself. 

Tray looks forward to representing you as your Denver Divorce and Child Custody Attorney.

Colorado Family Law Cases could be hard to win and easy to lose depending on the facts.  A skilled Arapahoe / Denver domestic relations lawyer diligently works to improve the chances of obtaining your goals.  Call today, and sleep better tonight 303.981.0594.   

Stop that X!  Colorado Divorce Lawyer. Child Custody, Colorado Civil Protection Order.

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